Monster Mart

Good or bad (omg they are vultures who will still your precious idea children), I'm sure everyone has heard plenty about Platinum's Comic Book Challenge. I thought it would be fun to enter, see if I can sell them an idea, get paid to make a book, maybe get a little bit of that magic hype machine behind me. Here's the sample page from my submission Monster Mart. Inks as usual by Kent Archer, colors by the lovely Carly Monardo.

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I like Iron Man (GGGG)

I made a little doodle of Iron Man.

I'm not really a huge Iron Man fan, but I will admit that after working on this little piece I really like coloring with "his" yellow and red.

All done in photoshop cs with a wacom tablet.




Widdle Wink

I'm writing a short Zelda comic that my girlfriend, Carly is going to illustrate, which we're planning on submitting to Lifemeter. Here's a quick sketch I made to show Carly how I pictured our hero.



Far more personal than anything I've published before, this 50-page oldschool sketchbook is an exclusive peek at the bare bones of Stuff Sucks.

Its pages was compiled under a photocopy machine from countless notebooks and napkins that have never been scanned in. 50 copies were made last week to be presented at the London expo, and few copies remain, so don't wait!

Signed and numbered. Price: 15 + 2.95 shipping

Click here to order online.

Here is an example of a 2-page spread!



More fanart! This one is for Kitty-bot. It probably won't make a lot of sense if you haven't read the comic before! (If you have read it, it still won't make sense, but it won't make sense in a hilarious way.)


Hampton's gonna rap!

I'm not crazy about this sketch but I'm postin' it anyway!

This is the Archie Comics version of April O'Neil. A cute brunette with a katana. Instead of introducing lame lizard and turtle girls like the TV shows tried to do, this series had April herself acquire some ninja skills from Splinter. And they also introduced a fox girl.



What do you think's in the burgers?

My middle name is Barth!

I posted this in a Nickelodeon flashback thread in GBS, but it seems nobody except me remembers him. I find that puzzling; he was basically the best character on this show.

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